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IBM–Content Manager
Product: Content Manager

IBM's Content Manager is a product set that gives companies a full range of content management capabilities–from text to images to multimedia. Content Manager boasts a single repository that can handle such content as ecommerce transaction documents, mixed-format customer relationship information, corporate training, or marketing multimedia.

Content Manager components include CommonStore and VideoCharger, which manage and archive SAP data, Lotus Domino, and Microsoft Exchange Server email, and streaming files, respectively. VideoCharger can deliver real-time multimedia datastreams to multiple users.

Product: Instant Clearance Service

iCopyright's Instant Clearance Service is an online automated clearinghouse that lets individuals, corporations, universities, and government agencies instantly reprint and reuse content published on the Internet.

iCopyright works with content providers, such as the Los Angeles Times, Ziff Davis Media, and bizjournals.com, the online arm of American City Business Journals. More than three million articles are available through the service, and nearly 30,000 licenses have been issued.

Earlier this year, iCopyright launched Publisher Central, a collection of Web-based tools and services that help publishers implement the Instant Clearance Service themselves and manage their own online licensing and reprint business. Using the Publisher Central extranet site, content providers can activate the Instant Clearance Service and place the icon on their Web sites. Readers then click the icon to license, purchase, and receive content instantly. The licensed content includes the publisher's masthead, and the publishers get reports showing which articles are selling.

Founded in 1998, iCopyright is based in the Seattle, Washington area. Earlier this year, Data Depth Corporation purchased the company's assets, which put its founder Mike O'Donnell, CEO of Data Depth Corporation, back at iCopyright's helm.

www.inktomi.com Products: Product areas including content networking, search technology, and wireless solutions

As one of the original Web-based Application Service Providers–before that term was even popular–Inktomi has been the underlying database and search interface at many portals and other sites offering a Web-wide search engine.

Inktomi has diversified into several other Net-related businesses beyond search, but its search product line continues to develop. Its search products are available to the customary portal providers looking for a ready-made Web index, or to enterprise customers who need a search and indexing solution for their EIP.

Inktomi's Content Networking Solutions give customers added efficiencies in content networking and delivery. A plus in these increasingly high-bandwidth days. Inktomi's customers include AOL, 3Com, Coca Cola, Dell, and Merrill Lynch.

Products: Personalized news, portfolios, and email alerts

Inlumen offers turnkey content collections that integrate into the Web environments of online brokers, financial advisers, mutual funds, banks, media portals, "vortals," and B2B marketplaces.

Inlumen aggregates and hosts real-time newsfeeds in English, French, and German. The company's quotes, charts, and analytics cover tens of thousands securities on stock and commodities exchanges in the U.S., Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Inlumen also distributes articles from hundreds of specialized trade publications, and it can facilitate the integration of internal information with external content.

The Inlumen data warehouse is continuously searched by specialized applications to automatically generate private-label Web sites for over 170 clients in the U.S. and Europe. Inlumen's products and services generate tens of millions of monthly page views and hundreds of thousands of personalized alerts for its clients' users.

Formerly called NewsAlert, the company was founded in 1991. It now has offices in New York, Jerusalem, Singapore, and London. Investors include Capital Z, which led a $35 million round of financing last year.

InterTrust Technologies Corporation
Products: Rights|System hardware and software

InterTrust started working on problems associated with distributing intellectual property in digital form more than a decade ago. Today, the company licenses DRM technology to numerous partners who provide commercial applications. Based in Santa Clara, California, InterTrust developed its MetaTrust Utility as a global system for digital commerce. The InterTrust DRM platform provides persistent protection and management of digital information throughout the distribution chain and allows seamless automation of advertising, couponing, surveying, and user profiling.

This year, the company announced a new Rights|Alliance program, through which InterTrust is working with software vendors to develop solutions that facilitate the work of individual service providers to integrate various systems and applications. Using InterTrust's Rights|System platform, applications can run on multiple devices, including PCs, set-top boxes, PDAs, and wireless devices. The system supports virtually any type of text, audio, or video file.

InterTrust has more than 40 licensees and partners, including Adobe, AOL/Time Warner, Blockbuster, BMG Entertainment, Cirrus, Compaq, Digital World Services, Mitsubishi, Nokia, Philips, Samsung, Texas Instruments, and the Universal Music Group. InterTrust holds 22 U.S. patents and has more than 80 pending worldwide.

Interwoven Inc.
Products: TeamSite, OpenDeploy, and other content-infrastructure products

Interwoven's technology is used by more than 700 of the Global 2000 companies. Based on a completely open, XML-based platform, the company's TeamSite software offers a flexible, scalable, standards-based platform for creating and managing enterprise-class Web content.

OpenDeploy is Interwoven's enterprise-class content replication software. It gives organizations secure, cross-platform, transactional transfer of content to multiple servers, and it features a browser-based GUI that controls and monitors content deployments remotely. The product also helps ensure Web site integrity via transactional content replications to multiple server farms, and it synchronizes file-system assets and database content for Web applications through integration with TeamSite and Interwoven's DataDeploy product.

Founded in 1995, Interwoven is a publicly-traded company based in Sunnyvale, California. It employs nearly 1,000 people. The company's management and technical teams include alumni from such companies as Sun Microsystems, Oracle, IBM, Sybase, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft. Interwoven partners with leading ebusiness application providers to give customers an end-to-end platform.

ISI (Institute of Scientific Information)
Products: Citation Indexes, Web of Knowledge, Web of Science, Current Contents Connect, Essential Science Indicators

Having invented the concept of citation indexing, ISI remains at the forefront of the world of scientific literature. Recent initiatives to link with full text and to provide evaluation tools to measure scientific trends while ranking the performance of countries, researchers, institutions, corporation, and journals show the continuing innovation of ISI. With sister company Derwent providing patent data, the company is particularly strong in the academic research library community, as well as in companies dependent upon high-quality scientific and technical information.

ISI (Internet Securities Inc.)
Products: ISI Emerging Markets, Intellinews, InfoStream, Email Alert

Founded by Gary Mueller in 1994 and acquired by Euromoney Institutional Investor in 1999, ISI concentrates on emerging marketsæwhat some might politically incorrectly call third world countries. Financial, investment, and economic news and information for nine Latin American countries, 15 Eastern and Central European countries, five Asian countries, and five Southeast Asian countries, plus data for the Middle East-North Africa populate the Web site. A new interface simplifies navigation and allows for more comprehensive search results. An end-user product aimed at the international financial community, subscribers can choose to receive data for only one country or for any regional grouping preferred. A strong set of suppliers, Euromoney backing, and a solid understanding of customer needs makes ISI primed for growth.

Kinecta Corporation
Products: Syndication Server, Content Directory, Content Metrics

Enterprises and media companies use Kinecta's products to automate the aggregation, integration, and distribution of information in B2B content networks. The Kinecta Syndication Server, which provides end-to-end integration and control over the movement of online content, can be automatically distributed via FTP and email in addition to the ICE (Information and Content Exchange) protocol.

The Kinecta Content Directory, launched last August, is a remotely hosted-online service that helps companies build a searchable, categorized listing of available content, such as business documents, sales and marketing materials, manufacturing drawings, news, or multimedia files.

The service reduces the costs of maintaining a content network by automating many interactions usually associated with it. For example, someone wanting to receive content can activate a subscription automatically so the provider doesn't have to do it manually.

Kinecta Content Metrics is a hosted service that lets companies using the Syndication Server get usage statistics to help them enhance or redirect their marketing and content-development activities. Content Metrics includes the ability to record click-throughs of URLs imbedded in content, page views, and unique visitors for designated content packages.

Based in San Francisco, it was founded in 1998. Early this year, Kinecta secured $17 million in series C financing. The round was led by Adobe Ventures and included new investors Granite Ventures LLC and Fenway Partners.

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