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Forrester Research, Inc.

From 2000-2003, Forrester listed seven reports that discuss Kinecta.  Below are links to two of those reports:

Managing Content Hypergrowth, January 2001, by John P Dalton, Harley Manning, Katharine M Gardiner
"For syndication...create direct syndication relationships using technology provided by firms like Kinecta."

Content Hypersyndication, May 2000, by Daniel P O'Brien, Chris Charron, Jason Sorley, Amy Dash
"The Net makes everyone a content distributor.  Any company or organization, "media" or not, is now a potential distributor of others' content and services...A typical media firm will have 69 deals in 2003.  Media firms should set their content free.  Pervasiveness wins mindshare and market share.  Providers who loosen the reins on their content - and instead focus on positioning it wherever potential readers, viewers, or listeners go - gain more in exposure and user utility than they lose in control.  Reuters - with a liberal licensing policy and no content destination site of its own - became the leading news service on the Net."


From 2000-2003, Jupiter listed two reports that discuss Kinecta.  Links to those reports follow:

Content Management Systems, April 2001
This report highlights the strategic acquisition of Kinecta by Stellent Inc, to fill out their content management system suite.

Managing Content Assets, November 16, 2000, by Marci Glazer
"Content distribution relationships grow in importance. Media and entertainment sites report that business development groups strike partnership deals faster than most firms can implement them...All of these groups should evaluate new platforms from vendors such as Kinecta...that focus specifically on these mundane, but still very difficult series of technical challenges."


       From 2000-2003, the Yankee Group has two reports that spotlight Kinecta.  Links to those reports are below:

Segment Consolidation Leads to More Complete Content Management Products, April 8, 2002, by Robert Perry
This report highlights the benefits of Stellent's acquisition of Kinecta for its content syndication technology.

Digital Asset Management in the Enterprise: Making Content Actionable, March 2001, by Emily Meehan
"...Syndicators are now creating the tools and infrastructure for businesses to manage, acquire, or deliver dynamic content....Kinecta is a facilitator for organizations where large distinguished content providers do not want to give up their core space to a syndicator and lose control of their content. This solution is particularly attractive to financial firms that deal with highly proprietary information, like Fidelity.  Kinecta developed a solution to safely and efficiently distribute proprietary data and information without forcing Fidelity to relinquish control over content. Today, Fidelity syndicates 401k and mutual fund data to corporations like Sun America and GE Capital, and has direct control over their distribution chain."

From 1998-2003, Seybold Reports covered Kinecta twenty-nine times.  Links to those reports are below:

The Latest Word, March 2000, The Seybold Report on Internet Publishing, by Mark Walter
"Kinecta started by proving its product and is now seeking a wider audience.  An interesting future development we anticipate from Kinecta will be its expansion into syndication services...Kinecta's toolset will be only one facet of what makes this company worth watching."

The Seybold Report, twenty-nine issues covered Kinecta from 1998 to 2003

From 2000-2003, the Patricia Seybold Group wrote six profiles on or about Kinecta.  Links to those reports follow:

Kinecta.Net as an Internet Service, September 7, 2000, Customers.com, by Geoffrey E. Bock
"Kinecta is an early example of a new genre of cyber-savvy firms: business service providers.  These firms will have the deep domain expertise to deliver operational-level business services over the web and hence facilitate the e-process revolution."

Patricia Seybold Group, various reports from 2000-2003

Start the Presses March 27, 2000, Computer Letter, Technologic Partners

"More intriguing to us, however, is the setup promoted by Kinecta.  The company has been attacking some of the fundamental problems hampering the growth of syndication.  Practically every subscription has required custom-built, hand-coded plumbing to patch differences among operating systems, distribution channels, and data formats.  Kinecta's answer has been to create what it calls a distributed information management platform that attempts to automate the syndication process from start to finish."


Syndication:The Emerging Model for Business in the Internet Era Harvard Business Review 5/00, by Kevin Werbach

Syndication involves the sale of the same good to many different customers.  The practice is routine in the world of entertainment. Production studios syndicate TV programs to broadcast networks and local stations. Cartoonists syndicate comic strips to newspapers and magazines.  The consumers of entertainment - the people watching the TV shows or reading the newspapers - are generally unaware of the complex, ever-shifting business relationships that play out behind the scenes. But without syndication, the American mass media as we know it today would not exist."
The Web Goes Into Syndication, July 27, 1999, Esther Dyson's Release 1.0, by Kevin Werbach

This report quoted Mathison as saying that his company's solution was integral to web syndication becoming both scalable and open to both small and large participants: "Shiftkey/Kinecta creates a 24-hour lights-out editorial operation.  The beauty of SiClone is that it allows the content to be delivered in a very straightforward format, and it can transform that content so that it fits into the look-and-feel of an aggregator's site."
Managing the Fuel of the Digital Economy: Kinecta's Content Networks, April 2001, The Delphi Group

"In summary, Kinecta makes it possible for organizations to provide each member of their business ecosystems with the right content at the right time. Content networks enabled by Kinecta help lower costs; increase productivity, reach and revenues; and support network members in responding to changing markets and business models.  Kinecta-powered content networks provide an important distribution dimension to the management of the information the fuels the digital economy."

Gartner From 2000-2003, Gartner listed three reports that reference Kinecta.  Below are links to those reports:

The 2002 Web Content Management Magic Quadrant, August 6, 2002, by Mark Gilbert and Lou Latham

Stellent Content Management System, June 19, 2002, by Karen Shegda

Web Development: Software Comparison Columns, April 16, 2002, by Scott Beall and Robert Hodges

eCommerce Content Applications Market Forecast and Analysis, 2000-2004, November, 2000, by Albert Pang

This report includes Kinecta in Table 4: Worldwide eCommerce Content Applications License Revenue by Vendor, 1997-1999 (p.12), and Table A1: eCommerce Content Applications Vendors and Products (p.28)

Giga Logo From 2000-2003, the Giga Group has two reports that spotlight Kinecta.  Links to those reports are below:

IT Trends: Web Content Management, April 8, 2002, by Robert Markham
"Drivers for Web content management include concerns about vendor viability and a shift from department to enterprise focus. Some of the trends focus on continued market consolidation and workflow becoming increasingly important."

ICE Warms Up Syndication Market, But Will Web Services Freeze its Growth?, September 8, 2000, Uttam Narsu
"Giga believes that Web Services will have no impact on ICE adoption in the next two years, and that a convergence is likely between the evolution of the ICE protocol and nascent Web Services efforts in 2002."

Outsell, Inc. Logo - Link to Outsell Main Page Content Worth Watching — Infomediaries in the Sweet Spot  Outsell's E-Brief, March 17, 2000

"Kinecta has built a platform that automates syndication and aggregation of content. Its strategy is to make its Interact platform ubiquitous. Infrastructure is a nice place to be, because the infomediaries can scale and leverage their models..."
Companies to Watch: Kinecta - Managing the Digital Pipeline February 7, 2000 Demo Letter

"Kinecta’s management team 'gets' content. The company’s founders include Reuters veteran David Mathison, browser design pioneer Arthur Do..."

Bloor Research Ltd Kinecta and The Selling of Business Processes March 28, 2000, IT-Director.com, Bloor Research

"Companies that are 'content creators', may have a direct interest in Kinecta. It provides syndication software that enables the exchange of content between web sites. However, other companies not involved in the content market should have an interest in the trend that Kinecta illustrates - the 'selling of processes' over the web - sophisticated capabilities being sold directly as a process and charged in many instances as a transactional cost..."

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